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‘Les Noces: Open Rehearsal’ Dance House Wales [The Millennium Centre Wales]

Classic meets contemporary in Angelin Preljocaj‘s Les Noces (1989).  Based at the Millennium Centre, The National Dance Company Wales opened their doors to the public to give them a sneaky preview of the performance they’ll be touring next spring. This was a chance for the audience to share the experience of creative development, and to see what the […]


A moving triptych  There are multiple conversations that happen on this stage. In each sequence, the screens play a different role for each of the women. In the first, the triptych hints at different elements of the dancer’s personality, and in the second, the screens take on anthropomorphic qualities. Ironically these screens put the choreographer, […]

Chekhov’s Gun at G39

Chekhov’s Gun is full of questions and surprises. The theme of the exhibition is difficult to pin down: the artworks lead the visitor through a range of scenarios, that encourage them to question the events they see, and what is making them happen. The aspect of control is an interesting one. We are led to […]

Have you ever seen a painting move?

The Noord Nederlanse dance company is dissolving. The Dutch government has decided to stop funding the company – a great shame as the dancers in the three productions worked seamlessly together. Even if there were any mistakes, and I was assured by the choreographer Stephen Shropshire that there weren’t any, it wouldn’t have mattered because […]

Héloïse Godfrey at Sherman Cymru

On Saturday 27 October Héloïse Godfrey presented a film called ‘Moving Narratives’ at Sherman Cymru, which also marked the start of her exhibition of the same name. For the past three months, Godfrey has been the first Artist-in-Residence at Sherman Cymru since its refurbishment. The evening started with a group of 4 dancers who moved to a […]