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…Teresa Margolles…seen it all before?

I have spoken to people working in galleries here in Cardiff, who often tell me that it is difficult to get people over from London to visit Cardiff city and take in its art scene. If we take the winner of Artes Mundi 5, perhaps this gives an insight into why London based curators are […]

And the winner is…?

And the winner is…? The winner of Artes Mundi will be announced tomorrow. The artworks are all very different, and bring together a variety of media into the gallery. This interdisciplinary art prize is the biggest prize, in terms of the prize money, and all eyes will be on the winner this week. Who do […]

Artes Mundi

So what? Here are the reasons why you should be interested in Artes Mundi. It’s the biggest cash prize offered to international (‘Artes Mundi’: Art of the World) contemporary artists by any UK organisation: the winner gets £40,000 and the other exhibitors receive £4,000 each. As it’s happening in Cardiff, it’s a good reason to […]