Talk Creative Cardiff brings together artistic talent from around South East Wales.

By offering a multimedia platform to consume the arts, I hope that after spending time on this blog, more people will read, listen, watch and engage with the arts.

I hope that this blog makes the arts more accessible by providing a forum for aggregating reviews and interviews with artists, dancers, and art-makers primarily in the Cardiff area.

I welcome questions, conversations, agreements and disagreements – so please leave a comment or email: asana.greenstreet5@gmail.com
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Blog written by Asana Greenstreet
Broadcast Journalist, Art Critic, Curator



  1. Dear Asana
    Id like to invite you to list/preview/review the premiere of HIDE. Some information is below is there an email adress I can send information/images to?
    Let me know if you would like me to arrange a ticket for you.
    Many Thanks

    vb to keep out of sight; conceal from view.
    n a shelter for watching wildlife.
    n the skin of an animal.

    Award wining choreographer Deborah Light, brings together a cast of three remarkable dance artists Rosalind Hâf Brooks, Jo Fong and Eddie Ladd. With design by Neil Davies and sound by Sion Orgon

    They form, transform and reform.
    We watch.
    Are they showing themselves? Or are they doing a show?

    HIDE deals with notions of appearance and disappearance. It delves beneath the outer shell, revealing internal worlds, and exposing the multiplicity of human nature. The performers re-invent themselves through layers of movement, image, sound and text.

    Performances at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff:
    21st Feb 6pm and 8pm,
    22nd & 23rd Feb 8pm.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      Sounds interesting- I’d love to attend. Please send me an email at

      Best wishes


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