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And the winner is…?

And the winner is…? The winner of Artes Mundi will be announced tomorrow. The artworks are all very different, and bring together a variety of media into the gallery. This interdisciplinary art prize is the biggest prize, in terms of the prize money, and all eyes will be on the winner this week. Who do […]


Gangnam style has taken the art world by storm. After Ai Weiwei made his own version of the Gangnam style dance, it was swiftly made inaccessible to people in China. So one of the most important British artists has made his own Gangnam style dance in support of the Chinese dissident artist. Anish Kapoor got […]

Chekhov’s Gun at G39

Chekhov’s Gun is full of questions and surprises. The theme of the exhibition is difficult to pin down: the artworks lead the visitor through a range of scenarios, that encourage them to question the events they see, and what is making them happen. The aspect of control is an interesting one. We are led to […]

Yves Klein Blue Women Art 1962

*You Tube* Read Feeling Blue, by Monica D. Murgia for more information on this Yves Klein artwork and its link to the fashion world. Image courtesy of M.D.Murgia

Around Cardiff

Around Cardiff *You Tube*

Have you ever seen a painting move?

The Noord Nederlanse dance company is dissolving. The Dutch government has decided to stop funding the company – a great shame as the dancers in the three productions worked seamlessly together. Even if there were any mistakes, and I was assured by the choreographer Stephen Shropshire that there weren’t any, it wouldn’t have mattered because […]

Modern Alchemists

Life and death will come together at the Capitol Arcade in Cardiff. This is the theme of the second of its kind, an show which opens this week, and the exhibiting artists are all young (supposedly) and talented. Emerging artists, to use the art-world lingo, have such a difficult time. The words most often on […]